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Forum Rules
Please read the rules of the forum:

DO NOT register the forum with a username to advertise a website ie myusername.co.uk Admin reserve the right to remove accounts of this nature.

ACTIVE members of our forum community are allowed 1 link to their poultry related business or other in their signature, but you should seek approval from Admin before doing so. Random posts just to spam do not count as being an active member of the forum.

Admin reserves the right to remove ANY links and/or posts without prior notice and without reason. ALL signature links MUST be approved by admin first, especially NEW MEMBERS. Admin will terminate spam members that do not comply immediately, be warned!

Members that join the forum ONLY to advertise their poultry related business or other and have no interest in joining in with the forum community will not be tolerated. DO NOT JOIN OUR FORUM TO SPAM OR TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS.

All photographs displayed remain the property of the poster and are subject to copy rights. You may only copy/distribute images with the owners permission.

Admin will not tolerate the use of bad language or attacks on members or staff. Posts of this nature will be removed without any notice or reason given and may result in termination of membership of parties involved.

Do not use the forum to advertise poultry for sale or any other livestock for sale. Posts will be removed without prior notice.

New hen rescues should inform Admin of their hen rescue organisation upon joining the forum.

Members who have an arts / crafts business or hobby are allowed to link to their website and promote their items / products IF they are actively donating some of the proceeds to hen rescue. Please use the Arts & Crafts Section. Admin will check with the hen rescue involved that donations are being given.

Any advice / guidance given by members or staff regarding chicken health is based entirely on their own experiences only and should never be relied upon or taken as a diagnosis. A vet should ALWAYS be consulted in all cases. DO NOT use the Health and Emergency sections to bypass a vet.

Admin reserves the right to remove a member without prior warning

If you ask for advice regarding a poorly hen but ignore advice to seek medical attention, or deny a hen access to medical attention, DO NOT ATTACK our members, staff or forum as a whole. We will ALWAYS put the hen's welfare before the feelings of the poster. Attacks of this nature will result in termination of membership. DO NOT USE THIS FORUM TO BYPASS A VET. By all means ask for advice but expect to hear advice that may involve spending money at a vet.